worshipped heart

Swimming clean through broken streams, loops of crystal linking with my hair. In the night vessels, dreams have taken me from my body. Each breath a step towards this layered land, between the bone and marrow, in the delicate phrases that I whisper to myself. Taking time to piece together the past, palms open and wrestling these morsels. Bending my mind around evolution and how experience shapes me and bakes me warm. Resting while the cells climb city walls and create what it will take to give me another day, to allow me the tastes that come so naturally. These internal processes, secret societal meetings in the core, behind the breast plate and rhythmic pump of my worshipped heart. Glands secrete, swirl liquid life to the extensions that give me form and create the tossing shape under covers. I love, the feeling that leaps to my limbs, when I wake and there is no sound but the subtle repitition of air, the walls watching as I am gifted with day. Thoughts creeping, softly saying and creating the reality that I choose and guiding, tussled into one after another, sending frequencies to receivers. A giant, I imagine each moment like Norse mythology, the imaginary worlds that coincide and keep me wide awake. Possibility bursting from the intricate seams, from my eyes that soak in color and process all the senses at once. It is an adventure in between blinks, when the outside air collides and finds my hair standing on end. Another and another, every one different, I am continually discovering what it means to be alive.