Wolf Reflections



As I drift inward, the pulse of my intuition expands. I am combining in the energy built on the ledges and edges of your being. There is no closing, only an opening that brings your spirit into unison with mine. These are my promises, to listen and watch all the paths that you show me. Into the forest, the old paths that treaded so worn that they are engraved into your soul. I can feel the length of spine and security of earth beneath your feet. You speak softly, in nudges and deep guttural flows of breath. The earth opens to receive our presence and I slip away from my conditioned thinking. Into the spiral steps of home, to the den that you shared, to the lives that you took out of need. 

The flows of energy intertwine, between leaps of air. I ask simple questions and you give the answer at my core. No confusion, animal wisdom comes in many forms. With you its in gliding colour and images. Reminding me to watch patiently as the messages unfold like origami cranes. I am grounding heavy through the layers, finding space on roots, in the stories left by others. You guide me between the realms and open my inner eyes. I can feel my body releasing fear, the seed presented in front of me, you show me how to let go and how the rivers flow when I finally do. These pieces are wolf wisdom, you received when you were born and before. There were lessons and the land provided you with each, a gift of life. Weaving through your warm coat, I see the winters that shone off your back. The hunts that brought your mornings, and these memories fill me with connection. Your stories frame my vision, including my own body, carrying me safe behind yellow eyes. I hear your thoughts and they filter through my understanding until I find treasures of meaning. The things you held on to. Truth and community, sharing what you learn. You urge me to give, of myself, of my abilities.

When we meet in dreams, you show me the magic of transformation. That you are much more than you appear, that we all are.