vibrations as art

there are roots behind my eyes she said, winding down and looping lace-like into my throat. These sentences climbing the earth tendrils and gasping for air. On the outside I may look like a complete organism but I am many parts in unison. She swallows and closes her eyes, breathing long deep breaths. Each day is my last and I continually forgot to remember my histories. How many people I have been and how the world has delicately imprinted these memories on my body. See this mark, a birth mark but underneath is a tender story, each valley and hill a creative endeavor into space. I am as large as I choose to be, taking up the universe entirely and then at times so small, you will barely even see me. There is a tremble in her voice, does it sound weak to you? when I hear noise, I see colour and textures that weave in front of my eyes and build a picture. A constant canvas in my vision and I always thought that everyone saw it. That we were walking around in an oil painting, vibrant shades popping out of mouths and into the air around us. I like it when my voice is a deep red, spitting up with dark purples and fading into indigo blues. My favourite sounds are plums, but the pinks and baby blues are appealing too. Really what vibration doesn’t draw me in? it is hard to focus on the words when the way we make noise has enough to fully engage me. She stays silent, eyes forward on invisible castles with stone masonry built by the sounds of strangers. Maybe, I am in my head too much. I need to picture my tree like form, and how the bones in my feet extend into the ground and as I walk, they peak out of my body tapping into soft soils. I am part of everything that I touch, whether I move into it or it moves into me. Sensation is just the beginning, I catch the spirit of a stop sign and hold it in my heart. When you look at me do you see that we are intertwined? that you have stepped inside my open shop. She is peering out and pulling in, the strength of her chin set into deep concentration. In a whisper she says, I am so beautiful because I not complete, changing into the images you create, into the reality that we all carry and hold out for another. Multiplicities, I never have to settle because life won’t let me. One step after another, I am collapsing, dissembling and reconstructed into something new. And I love that we are sharing this moment right now and that just as quickly, it will be gone.