Introducing the flow back into my life. I can feel the current beneath me and the sensation of drowning has transformed into a stroke of strength. Movement lines my form and I sink deep onto pearled bones. The divinity is surfacing and lacing each pore with a pool of light. Coming up for air and soaking in the beat of my heart, the simple sweet temple that guides my breath and cups my spirit. The pain was purification, shadow work and I sparked up the corners of my darkest and laid it to rest. I am bare and bold and each day it is getting brighter, a careful reconstruction on new foundations. I am conscious of the center, the molecular shells of my fingers moving in unity and the bliss of breaking open. Now I find myself tucked lovingly between the body and spirit. Unified with the bends of my mind and the cords that attach me to this plane and all the lessons that embroid my days. It is a shift, listening to my core, to the part that guides and protects and knows it all is perfect. I trust myself again.