Underwater light

I am back in the crystal lake this morning. Clarity ringing underwater and fades the light into colourful illusions. The invisible swirls of current guide me and my thoughts are malleable. Clay creations that build palaces on sand, connecting with my fingertips and then dissolving into silt clouds. I am content to float and find these parts that mystify, the eluding roots that flick and fork away from my inner eye. I let myself dissolve to explore the edges, the seeking splashes that climb the rocks and evaporate only to begin again. My breath synchronizes with the lake and I feel expansion, and the knowledge clambers in, forming new lines of communication. I couldn’t decipher who was saying what but the tension dissolves, ripe with recognition. I am bleeding time, extending past eons and charging the future simultaneously. The outline of form relaxes and cells separate, each small body pressing into the water and soaking in sight. Porous surface becomes light, fractals shimmering and drifting off, unafraid to lose sight of the whole. I see and sound the illusion until it fills my being completely, until polarity collapses and gives truth. I carry the crystal lake and am dispersed throughout it.