True Form

Vibrations coursing through my body, fibrous cords of relation. I am absorbed into the ground, spit out of the sky. Feeling the trembles of a storm, I am linked with the heavy air, and tumble through the clouds. I can see, zoomed in, every drop as it falls and pastes to the soil, creating a thick soup of mud. I let the hairs on my arms raise, the water running in veins across my face. This rain is inside my body, rinsing my inner and out together. I am connected, stable lengths of legs pushing through the earth crusts and down into the warm goo center. This storm merges from my skin into my flesh and past the tension of muscle and bone. I am filling and expelling all the build up, the deflated and worn. I follow the water, as it is pulled down and down, swirling into new homes, kissing the dry darkness. Connecting with the forgotten, the tendril reaches of roots and gritted pits of rock. I am whole, overflowing with the magical, my undergrowth full of rich nutrients, spilling into my surroundings with ease. This rain releases me from many prisons, from separation and idleness. True form, I watch myself from above, soaking in the beauty of freedom, smiling into the space that opens.