When Kavi was little, he had silky soft fur and a tiny head. His body was small but his head just seemed so tiny. His nose hadn’t reached it’s full capacity yet and when it started to grow, I wasn’t sure if it would stop. When that nose came in, so did the rest of his body, his torso stretching out to take on the full weiner dog form. Now, he follows that nose everywhere, it guides him much more than his eyes ever could. That nose is responsible for finding all sorts of things that he shouldn’t. It is the reason he finds his way into the garbage daily, and why he finds my ear plugs without fail.

From a young age, Kavi developed a taste for ear plugs. I have very good hearing and am such a light sleeper that I have opted to wear them for years now. The bright orange foam plugs are a delicacy for Kavi bear. He follows his nose under the pillows, and all around the head of the bed first thing in the morning. If he can pluck them right out of ear, even better. I know… it’s pretty gross. But Kavi is gross. As Spring closes in, I know that I will be picking florescent ear plug poops up all over the back yard. It is another Kavi trademark.

Looking down that silky soft muzzle, Kavi peers at me with shiny black eyes. Expressive little thing, he has always shown emotion so well. As he has grown older, his transformations have been so interesting to observe. His quirks, likes and dislikes… he has become less afraid of the blow dryer, more curious about the vacuum cleaner and fearless even when I am screaming ‘Kavi, NO, stop that!’. He picks and chooses when he will come when I call him, usually because he has snuck off and is pooping in a closet somewhere or chewing my underwear :/. All these Kavi quirks, are somehow endearing and somehow make me love him more… they say that dogs are like their owners