toothy boundaries

Wrapped in the jumps and bumps of your musical phrase, I sat and watched the room flicker. There was no relying on reason or what I thought I knew, the waves rolled and marked the halves of my face. Headphones planted like life lines on the sides of my head, streamlining your energetic sequences to the core. In moments, the sound static to a clarity that captivated me, each thought disappearing into a raw battle of soundwaves. Your eyes repeating the sounds, dancing flakes of tissue in a biological fairy tale. We hit the walls our legs running out from under us, the slowing of time and honing in, you becoming the room and everything within it. Watching your face in those few moments, the sparkling of lights into other worldliness, the sounds of our creation lacing through my nervous system. My hands explored in new ways the fractions of your body that were in reach, the bunching of cloth and cool comfort of your skin. There were no limitations, I pushed my hands deep into the crevices of your body, down the tail of your spine. All the while never looking away from the glaze on your face, the rim of gloss over perfection, mouth moving into a rhythmic trance. I hear every word you say, the value in each, the truth caressing out the past persons I’ve been. In these conversations, the continuation of connection and the soft edges in our speech, we open into our whole selves, leave the doors open for melodic symphonies. Like chapters in our book, you laid the pages with small patient words, calling out the demons in me. I am gulping air just to keep with the force of my thoughts, they climb up my throat and into your ears. You smile and I find myself, the contours of my own mouth, the toothy boundaries that keep us as separate entities. I can finally express in a language that gives heedence to the depth you’ve reached me, pulled me out and fleshed me in all the right ways. Time has no control over the events that take place in your room, we challenge space and define our own world. No sense or question, my sleepy mind is wide awake in the presence of yours. Dancing in the shifting light, my body slides against yours, the current of beats dripping down our skin, mixing in our sweat. Layers peeled back, fresh beings casting candles over their new forms.