Sinking down, the lapping lips of the earth wrap around, my body tender in the looping leaves of fall and tightrope roots that guide and follow. The sky is a blue screened reminder that there is beyond and for now I am going under, the coarse sands and layered cakes of Gaia pushing the pores of my skin further into airless wonder. I close my eyes as I turn from bone into maleable, moving silent around the histories that were covered, past the burrowing holes of animals and forgotten lairs of long before. There is silence, the noise collapsing with the falling soil and my chest is heaving with the rise and fall of a larger being, the ancient mother of our first creations. It feels like centuries of falling until the flat smooth surface and release in a capsule of open space. Noise assaults my ears and trickles of light climb under my eyelids, I feel vibrations so thick that my body trembles. I am on the inside, the catacombs of a world that still survives beneath our human lives. Standing on a ledge and peering down, there are thousands of floating platforms acending or decending at different rates. Smooth, polished stone with small lights within, almost further than I can see there is a ground and climbing up are fungal trees, bulbous branches of mushrooms and coral-type reefs. The color is mesmerizing, constantly changing, there are no dull hues and each alive. More startling are my companions in this earthly depth, the vibrations seeping from mouths of giants all forms and shapes. I recall vaguely from the haze of memory who they are, the stories steeped in the heavy air. Even now, over lost time and the layers piled in human fallicy, I recognize the faces of the abandoned. The titans move around me, slow careful movements, giants brushing arms and smaller human looking forms climbing the polished platforms. Pushed deep into the heart of Gaia, her first children hated by the sky God Uranus, protected and harnessed energy, they speak to me. The trembles dilude into soft songs, histories threaded into sad melodies and I begin to decend towards the faces and traces of the past. My dreamscape extends and my form changes, thoughts shaped into others and I am no longer my limbs but recreated into vibral spheres, sound echoes to my heart and bends me round the ancient landscape. I land on each extravagant titan, warlord features, clenched fists and pale from the loss of the sun. Children in giants bodies, eyes raised to the crusted binds of a lavish prison. I unwind and sigh sympathies, new understanding and as a balance between transitions, my dreambody beckons me back. Wind shapes whip me up away from the sorrowful glances and I soak it in, infused with the spirit sense of a different world existing so close to my own. Awake, I take my day and find new awareness in the subtle movements of the earth.