Ever since I can remember, each voice had a flavor of it’s own. Colors combining with textures, sometimes images all their own. A familiarity or a pitch that sent my hairs to stand on end. A word from the mouth of a certain person could bring a whole swath of images, a video on the inside of my mind just from the vibrations. I would imagine the vocal cords concocting a mixture to send out into the world. An essence of that person, only to be swept up into my ears and processed by my senses. The flavors would have added dimensions depending on the interactions. Colors, tastes, smells, textures, a life of it’s own. There are some people’s voices that would have such a calming effect, like a stream, waves on a beach, that anything they say is completely relaxing. Usually they have a water element to them, and the vibrations send me underwater. Others have an intensity or richness that reminds me of thick clay, chocolate frosting, or like a mortar between bricks. There are some that have an edge, a sharpness that reminds me of a paper cut or the ledge of a cliff, a lift that brings my stomach to my throat. Luckily that is rare, and the full bodied most common. Laden with images, senses berated by the way sounds provide so much material. As though I could reach out into the air and pick up the story lines, use them to construct some patch work quilt of vibration.


Music is my favorite. The geometric patterns, sometimes so technical and perfect and other times organic and flowing. Each sound has it’s own personality, like a living being, sending off messages to my brain and stimulating responses. I close my eyes and am taken somewhere else. The place is waiting for me, numerous worlds to easily step into. If I let myself go enough, I can really sink into the stories, and feel sensations like in a dream. I can also sometimes feel the person that is making the music, it is better if there is no voice. The voice and words distract and send me in a different direction, sometimes opposing what the music is trying to show me. If there are emotions, they add layers, a fuller picture, like the individual blades of grass in a meadow. More information to translate and process into the final product. Into the story within the music.

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