Surface without sparkle

I wonder, what is seen by the seer? Always looking out and into a ring of color then that bridge. Falling into every pupil hugged by iris as the words float between our shaped lips. Person after person mouthing a soup of vowels when I want silence. Just those tight faces falling into raw and real. We could take time to transfer those pieces that imbed deeper and deeper, never to see the light. I am distracted by divinity in the strangers that say excuse me.  It’s enough to contain all these moments, collected for reflection, weighted on my heart and then forgotten. I ache for bare bones, a surface without sparkle, just our beauty expressed together. Each day overwhelms me with details, processing the emotions that come in waves and wash me out. I want to marinate in the sequences, in each symbol that tumbles from moving bodies and creates that bubbling sensation of joy that I have come to expect. With interaction, I can’t join the edges, sew the fringes of my separation into my truth. I see it in every energy form, the vibrations that leap off leaves in the rain and leave me awed, carrying me down the river of my reckless spirit. I split in all directions and rarely make it back in one piece, trailing bits to all my favorite places. What’s the fun in continuing, change is my only true friend and reminds me to let go of all those memories that keep me here. So I bend, break, burst and day by day follow that whisper telling me that there is so more than meets the eye.