Small devotions

To manifest the color that is on the inside and bead it to the outside. It is an artful process, slow and deliberate. Spending time returning to a childlike state of mind where anything is possible and the world of pretend is accessible. Embracing color and sound, and making a commitment to contribute to the world around, these are new ways of living. Put in the way of beauty, in the sunrise and sunset of every day. Small devotions to nature and the sleepy birth of soil and green buds, smelling the earth as she wakes up and threading the connections, looping the stories of yesterday with the tapestry of today. I am remembering what I used to love. Dropping the sadness and picking up the paints and brushes that extend my arms and give me wings. Into spirit lands, to the windows and doors that portal past illusions. This is my purpose. To shine light on the already beautiful, to make it my destiny to channel creativity.

Small devotions to the earth,
mixing soil and buds to wake up connection,
shining brighter with each morning sun,
and the possibility for beginning.
Rediscovering my divinity,
in the arms of a garden,
amongst the roots of a giant tree
that blooms with generosity.
Salty nutrients flow down my face,
onto the open palms of a leaf,
spreading my intentions in the orange curls
of tomorrow.