shiva thoughts

Matter weeps your form as I lay wound around my reality. Mantra moving my thoughts around the concepts, weaving the craft of the universe, bringing you to me. Floating found in the patient atmospheres, fabric of the dark. Storms of stars make your eyes, clusters of moons your mouth. We begin to dance, destruction and emptiness our music until your devour everything I am and ever was. Into you, I am born and into you, I die. Hands that nurture, you whisper my truth, make me the Shakti and I am slowly remembering. The divinity behind the flesh and how the ropes of muscle fill with the same darkened mesh. Serpent dreams, a vehicle to you, through the battering grounds of fear, we meet in the paths between thought. While I chant your name, the fluctuations change, pulpations and I am glancing inside. Taking my hand, I ride the pain to your levels, to the sorrow that is transformative. To your mudra palms and the laughter leaks from your colorless lips. Lifting me out, leaving my body, dancing as a skeletal wisp. These fears leave me, I am dancing with destruction and finding peace in the palace of chaos. 

It curdles round, the soft ripe rolls of yesterday. Falling through my fingers and catching at the back of my throat. I am decay, your face raw in the mirrors of others and we all fall together. Your dance, feet pressing on the curve of my spine and I lay face down on the nurturing ground. Tongue out, your head lolls and waves, frightening in all your brilliance. You teach me, with your rage and emotions that eat me up and spit me out. You are within me and around me, sweeping my hair from my face and pinching pint sized extremes into the back of my head. Creeping up, the excitement from loss and wretched life, filled with beauty and tipping me empty. Undone, I am an overflowing chalice at your feet, adrift from life’s balance. Only to kiss your feet and ask you simple questions, watch you become me again and again. Hair surrounding the dark depths of my room, swallowed into the void and here we contain, your silence enveloping. I seek within you the strength to accept, to find peace in the eye of the storm. In the tears that flow and sting my eyes, my chest that heaves and hollows. You are my resolution, destruction and resurrection. I watch you in the candle flame mysteries, how you speak to me in corruption, in the sickness that fills out my being. The other half, I Shakti, you Shiva.