she was

She was slowly disappearing. The edges blending and blurred into glazed color. It was blissful, steam carrying off her being and dissipating into the inevitable flow and ebb of time. This burnt out identity of past and present, the ruins of body mixed with particles birthing and dieing. She had become identified with the crippled flecks that polish off, then she realized it was only a matter of time. Now the seconds slipped into oblivion and she was lost in the sensation of letting go. Before it was all about clasping, gripping hands and strength but only suffering had come from it. The characters fade and silence carries new voices, softer words and understanding, she is loving her changing form. It was the desire to keep the same had brought the torment, the fight to keep it going. Now that it was always moving, pieces transforming she was heavy with color, on the edge of the wave. She no longer worried about whether others saw her, now she knew that everyone was on the verge of disappearing. There was nothing bad about it, it wasn’t a lonely quest, the destination was everywhere and nowhere. She wondered if she would miss the mobility of her legs and arms, when those were gone and only the torso remained, and then the eyes looking and watching, absorbing. Then there would be quiet reflection, sight dimming and darkened to only void, intangible expanses. Then the release and the reappearing.