she no longer was clinging

There was a dream in a dream, a reminder of what she was living. Caught up in the day and her problems, her river of thoughts, she always forgot. It was challenge to wake herself up, she would look in the mirror and she couldn’t see it. She would look inside, silently, letting her body relax into a state of emptiness. When it all stopped and the ticking of the clock slowed so much that she could rest between, she began to remember. She was in a garden, green buds surrounding her and warmth from the sun caressing her. There was no day, no yester or tomorrow, only the wrapping of the earth around her being. The air blending through her bones and combining her, mixing her with the soil and sand. Water ran in a dribbling stream and she felt it washing over her, the cool strings of connected molecules rinsing and cleansing. She was part of the garden. Outside of the garden was a void, a mass of things, places and people that she had been and were once part of her. She was not afraid. For the first time she felt like it was all alright and there was such peace in just being and the worry of no being had been wiped from her mind. The mind itself laid back beside her and was just an extension, like the garden, all the same. She felt the garden, as her heart, pulsing with life. It came with the remembering, with the letting go of the dreams and ideas that kept her chained. When she was looking outward, she neglected the garden and the peace that kept her so utterly alive and whole. Walking through, she no longer was clinging, she had it all. It was within her, the space that kept her and nurtured her and gave her no reason to ever be afraid.