Shape Shifting

I am the dreamer. Slipping through the cracks of rest, into the fanning pages of dream. My body peels into thin transparent layers, bending around the edges of my desire. Tucked warm in the blanket piles of bed, I am on the edge of each drifting moment, breathing into the transformations. The fog lifts into another landscape, with endless curiosity I am exploring the weaving web. Colours drip from my feet and I am fluidity, without the hold of gravity, each vibration creating my form. Shape shifting into forest floors, to the soft fur pads of paws, to the far reaches of river stones. I travel to the crystal core, communicating with the rhythms of earth, with the warm bellies of volcanoes. I become each new thought, creating my reality in between trembling lids, using my body as a bridge. Dancing in the night time spaces tethered by a golden cord to the astral realms and beyond, this depth is fathomless. The dreamer teaches, bringing books of knowledge and painting pictures on my inner worlds. Reminding me to allow it to flow through seamlessly. I am a vibrational being, these places are my playground and I visit each night to release and remember.