sensate symphony

We were hidden lovers, restless specks of cosmo intertwined on the inside. Now I am through your eyes and feel what it’s like to explore the inner realms as I am you. This divide collapses and we merge completely. Biological boundaries melting into a sensate symphony. Your body holds the mystery, each tingle deepening as our synapses communicate, you let me into your history. I wade through memory and understanding brightens, every word has a context. Falling on the corner of your lips, the spectacular smile that bends my face into formation. Collecting handfuls of your skin and feeling so lived in, we experience our connection in shock and awe. Fingers smarter, the keys speak to me and music flows into lovely contraptions of thought, the way I hear you swells into eternity. Harmony floating in your space, in the world you create from surroundings and I walk through the doors, appreciating the tone, and the sweet melodies that play, each a creation yet to be released. It’s a new light, without difference, holding on tightly and letting go lightly. The filter lifts, hands into the raw ripples of emotion. I can’t tell you how often I have felt your presence and the currents of thought that blends me into paint pigment. Raging across the page, desire lifts my head and curves your jaw into an upward to bridge the separation, diving into tongues with messages far too complex for language. We break open, spilling onto a note, and into the space between vibrations.