seam of my throat

i thought i might try, to open the slanted door of feeling. let it lie as at laid, at the center of an everglade, and maybe love. my hands are tied, voice locked in a hidden vowel and i think it’s best i say nothing. i want to find warmth in the cold comparison of life you have shown me, to find laughter in the monotone stories. flapping wings, a raven beats the muscle in my chest, bending my knees towards the door and out into the night. all i ever want to do is leave, even when i rest easy with your arm on my shoulders. but then you kiss, and the words flow like cream down the seam of my throat. i have a head for dreams, your figure rises out of fog laiden star ships, creeping sensuality down the thigh of my mind. i find a word and sing, double dipping and forcing blood from a battered stone. i am just not sure, you mean, that i am a golden girl with the sorry solace you seek.