River Run

Floating down the river, hands trailing in soft currents. The sun is stretched across the sky and I am surrendering to every turn and eddy flow. The trees knarl over edges and twist into dark flecked mud. Each branch reaching in protest, waving the flag of awareness. I am pressed to the bottom of my floatation device, a cooling breeze wrapping my hair into a bird nest. Our language splashes the air, laughter writing in sky blue and singing songs that we only partly remember to pass the lazy hours of bobbing. I am watching my hands and the veins that carry their own rivers, the pulse that beats in harmony with nature. We are complete here, even when time taunts our frozen moments, I feel temporality is less terrifying. Mother smiles, sister watches and we wade into stony barriers, past the cliffs of sage. I feel my rib cage expand and collapse against the cool stones of shallows, drinking water that flowed from nearby mountains. Until the end, I absorbed the energy around me, the sweet simple memories and found a place to feel free.