Crisp recognition, the fogging bliss of air and I catch myself in the fragility of the present. Here we are, two bonds of bone leaping from the past to the future and barely glancing at our faces. This pulse is gravity, the sweet salt of lips and our sweat reminds us to slow down, this is the only time to live. What brings us down is the ideas of losing, for me the sense of slipping away. I am not criticizing, just want to have you bead your emotions to the surface, to have you brim with love for especially yourself. I am not perfect, under skins are thin and I am never far from breaking but threads have held this long and I will always survive. We are friends, the colour of our eyes melting past external fabrications, there are times we meet in silence. In trust we strip the parts that hurt, the memories that tie us to moments and identity. More than that we are our connections to one another and the other, each forgotten piece of breath. I want us to remember the divinity in relation, the quality of our lives and bring out the bits that tuck behind, the times we distract from our imperfect perfection. We can begin again in every beautiful morning, we are not islands but the sea joining from rivers bent on meeting.