I embrace what I can’t understand. I am drawn to the world behind my eyes, to the visuals and sensations as I meditate. It is difficult to put a name to it, I won’t try. When I was younger, I was drawn to Christianity, not because of the literal translation of the bible but because of the concept of faith. The more I learned about organized religion, the more I retracted from all religions. I saw corruption and a twisted understanding that impacted so many people negatively. Religion evolved in my mind and I viewed it as a weapon that had been used for centuries.

I maintained an inner belief. There was a connection between all the ideas that religions sourced from. There was purity at the core, surrounded by interpretation and I chose to learn more about that purity. It was a way for me to open my mind enough to different faiths and take what resonated and avoid being cynical about religions. The ideas themselves are neutral but people can add positive of negative intention behind their use of that idea.

Being spiritual has simply meant being open. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn and grow. If I get caught in the labels, I might miss the key. I love exploring and removing the obstacles in my mind, this is an ongoing process that I look forward to continuing for the rest of my life!

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