Peeling layers

If there were no limits, what would you write about? Would you say the things that you finally want to say without muting yourself. You are not happy in a system, a clog in the machine. You need to help people and make some sort of a difference. You know that there are things that need sorting. You need to forgive yourself and believe that you deserve happiness. To really relax into the moment and express whatever needs to comeout. It is not selfish to think about what you want and plan on how to get it. Figuring out what you need, independence, creative outlets, expression, freedom, breathe, flow and simplicity, minimal stimulation. To release what is within, you need the time and space created just for that. Looking at the skulls that you put art on, its not even about the skulls, its about the death and the closeness to something that no longer clings. You aren’t there yet, you have so many snags but you need to be gentle with yourself, set more manageable goals. You are so used to numbing yourself, that voice, the desires. It is hard to separate out what you want and what others have told you would be good for you. The expectations need to be broken off, chipped away, and under the layers there will be a beating heart. A depth that will beckon and bring you peace, it will be difficult to reach because of all the time you have spent trying to hide it away. To believe that somehow you are just the same as what you perceive everyone else to be. No one else has to change, it is only within you. You hold the universe within you and everything will come from that point. Moving outward, a mandala of energy that will transform and release. Harbour no negativity and only thrive, grow and become again and again. You live in a fantasy world, feed yourself images to appease the ache, the desire to see the places in your dreams. You can almost feel them because you have made them that real. The only thing that is holding you back is yourself. The ideas you hold on to, that you build on and replicate day after day. The answers are all tickling your consciousness, creeping in between the gaps, gaining strength. Your patterns will be broken, your tower crumbled and you will remember what you were meant to do and no matter what, nothing will impede that. Your passion is all consuming, so full of colour and spirit that it will carry you anywhere you want to go. Meant to inspire, to break through and use all experience as tools to evolve and see clearer. You just to need to commit.