oceanic tussle

How do I explain the closeness I crave. The doubled and around, intricate patterned dance of connection. I seek it with myself, eyes closed and rolling secrets in soft circles, I search it with you in the dark with silence bending between us. My mind split into rivets and muscled rivers, these thoughts caught in a caged corruption, I expand and explode emotion into the moments without. I recall the first and the last time I saw truth in the flecked biology of my own eyes then yours. I wonder how much of this reality is shared with more than one person, each in a plasmic burst of reaction. Individual division, our skin holding precious entity like soup in hands, spilling mush into the oceanic tussle of human affliction and prediction. The startled mirror reflection, I am starting to commit to the outlined shape and curve of symmetrical bone structure. What I have invested into the verbal stimulation, vibration cumulation of my love for you is fractions of fractions, we are portions of part floating dust size in a larger and larger space body. Combined, you are I and I am you and yet we venture so singularly. Desire feeds on the cooling chords of every grounded morsel of my hopes for future and yet the seconds pass without recognition. Am I in the future or set mostly in the past, the painted pictures given life on the captioned movie of a yesterday so far away. I am here yet driven by an underbelly, a distant star of memory. Hopefully, streaming safe in the conscious seeds of a cosmic channel understanding is enough to start again and this time, be here.