numb crumbling

warm hands, the burning sensations of memory. he melts to the core of me, over and under eyes all burning balls of sweet. these moments stretch out and i feel myself falling, uncontrollably into light and dark swirls. i want to pause the pages from turning and start again, from our beginning without an end. i regret goodbyes and the lies I tell myself from enjoying even the moments we’ve found together. rejoice in the fragile few, in the old and new, even our differences are making me smile savouring the twisted leap of change. Always moving onwards, towards a better tomorrow and you fill the gaps between every second a journey towards the next time I see you. These patient parts of believing, we are weaving our future out never knowing how it will turn out, not caring about the consequences. I toss and turn before sleep captures me into dream, there you are in fractions, colour tearing into me. I forgot what it felt like to be touched, to blood rising to meet sensation under skin. The numb crumbling, reawakening the daring dusk, I don’t mind the instability of my life if it means my heart beats double fast. bodies bent towards and the air radiates emotion, energy focused on the flowering pores of romance. maybe i deserve to be seen, to be collected into your soft hands and protected from the lazy daze of habit.