not forgiven

there is more liquid in your eyes, leaking into the white mixture of my palms. we are strangers and speaking leagues through our silent preference. but it is warm, to be wrapped leg on leg and hand on hand. i wonder about the texture of your skin and the wave of your breath. night impales the sound that comes with talking, no more rain for us. it was a veil to cover the awkward seems in our colored flesh. if i told you stories would your mind wander, watch me flail, you dont get up to stop me. it’s the shallow place between your collar bone, i have no place for vanity. there is more to be said, i can’t leave and never say the things i want. how will we ever know the shattered glass, the grind our mouthes make. it’s not a pair we make, the stiff back that makes me remember, this is not my first love. i was wounded, bound and broken but still beautiful. i think. eyelash memory, in the kitchen with a glass of milk. i swore the wind took a swing at me. that’s enough victoms for one night