new perspective

Our packages, space suit capsules that we twist through the day. It is hard to love my limitations but I am learning to love yours. These thoughts that cripple me and leave me bound to the fragmented pieces of day that I remember. Trying to be aware of my distance from the present, the sorry slaps of meaningless flecks across the fertile landscape of my inner field. What I choose to dive into, these floating words that clip pictures and reel movies in the background while all is happening and I am missing. The more I turn it inward, that gazing eye of watch, I begin to see the prisons I have built in identifying and in trying to make a string of stories. In the warmth of your body, I forget that inside there is a replication in a different situation, your mind winding down and your roots entangled design teaching me. My mirror, expressions dancing on your face and reactions creeping from deep and there I am again in your response. I am forgiving the ideas that I have given life, what I thought were flaws dance in swallowed harmony, perspective pointed through pieces of past. Sense rising and falling with time and when I wander out, I leave behind the filler and the empty conversations that troubled, truth wisping down my neck to the foundation, the indestructible being that joins me with you and every you that passes.