my conquistador

we were in a winter landscape, fresh feet in fallen snow. your hood pulled up protectively and your eyes wouldnt let go. i thought we were strangers in a city of sin, two dots of turquoise too bright to blend in. when i spoke, i whispered, forgive forget fumble. so we ate with our cold fingers and watched the show with our souls. in your car i was a tumbler, raw and raging for combat. caught in the smoke rings and falling into sleep with you at the wheel. i was hoping you would forget my home and take me further, to another city another trip. while my lids grabbed and stuck like candy i asked again and again. when we walked we were lovers, skin under wool and cloth. around the park and my old city block. i painted a man on your eyelash and asked him to spill the liquid of your secrets, i’d keep you safe. but we are warriors in winter, hands up by our face. while you rest i am cautious, forever questioning fate. now it’s night and a day or so away, i’m back to the dips in my future, back to stationary crates. and we will meet in june for our summer thing, bare armed and full. until then i’ll see you tomorrow and in my dream