Mosaic eyelids

It is enough to feel it, under the umbrella, on the palms of my hands. I feel joy in doing nothing but standing and soaking. Feet in a puddle and closing in, water dripping and drenching all my forms. This world expands, fractal flowers blooming outwards and beyond. Cracking me open and letting it all pour down the fountain of my mind. I am barely contained, smiling at the idea of being. What could I possibly want other than this breath filling my lungs and burying each moment passing. The aches, my eyes barely staying open, some biological factor and my body can’t keep up with my heart. I don’t mind pain, how it makes every satisfaction succulent, savoring the tickles across my skin and ease of laying after a long day. This full to the brim, bright eyed, life time worth of memory is holding me, fragile and yet so resilient. The parts that I shake out into the light, examine the broken bits that can no longer function, dried up and worn down. I love it all. Even when it hurts and the ground is falling out beneath me, then it bring more color, a mosaic on insides of my eyelids. I was gifted this second, down the sensation of my lips touching together and my chest rising and falling. What if feels like on the inside, the pure energy that pulses through me and you, together. It’s forgetting and remembering every day and finding the space between each thought. It’s enough to feel it.