Mini Visualization Projects

I have been spending time focusing on the colours and sensations that are connected with my thought processes. When I am observing and taking in the sound and overall environment, the images start to form in streams with multidimensional aspects. I take in the story that is being painted and start to try to comprehend the entanglement with reality. The sensations that accompany my interpretation of it.

The entire picture will come together into a package, a sensory overload that I can process however I wish. Most of the time, I don’t think about it and I just the pictures connect, overlap and add in the frequencies whether it gets touch, taste or sound. My favourite is letting my imagination hone in on a part of my vision. Starting on the gold carpet of leaves and moving deeper into the damp ground, imagining the layers of life and then the root tangles, the labrinth below the surface. I let myself feel the cool strings around my hands and the weight of the soil, like a heavy blanket that has me encased. I will take a step back in my mind and see the surface and then dive to the depths and push myself into the darkness, the parts I can’t see, weaving the context, the place I will let my mind roam and create. Filling in the sensations, throwing around the iron taste of earth, the gritty texture of the fine soil and the coarse pebbled layers between.

I am at the same time observing other parts of the environment, perhaps someone walks by and I get a snapshot of a certain expression and it sticks to my peripheral. I begin to imagine their thoughts, their experiences of the day, where they might be going, how they might view this very same environment. A sound of laughter might remind me of the waves cardboard and how the bubbles are consistent but then abruptly stop.