microscopic splendors

The walls resolve my energy, slurping up the lasting tastes of the day. I am morsels of sighs and fragments of highs, these chilled fingertips grasp at the fleeting seconds. Color erupts behind eyelids, down flow on the cushioned covers of sleep. These painless, beautiful moments when there is only thought and all the space around it. I move backwards, slender stalks of being within, towards a core that divides and provides everything I might need. Breath carries me upwards through the ceiling and past the balls of light that give the sense of endless. There are no limits, only the perception of my frail understandings. Moving past the characteristics of my space suit, pushing limits into floor boards and through primed paint peelings. The sense of insides and outsides, the doubled over release of laughter, these packaged goods, even crumpled tears don’t wear away the perfection. Waves of vibration, chiming my ear drums and keeping me aware of the brimming capacity, reminding of the timelessness, the bending of carpet fibers under my barefeet. Microscopic splendors, I squint to see the grated bars of eyelash. Nothing all that important and everything overwhelmingly so. These nights blend and warp into a future with always more than I ever imagined.