Melodic muse

I am discovering my body, from the inside out. The land of skin lit from under, waves caressing each joint as the energy moves in. I spend some time on a freckle, an island so far and yet so close, connecting constellations and worshiping the raised bumps that visit. From the top to the bottom, melodic muse of shape catches my attention. Taking the time to know every part, with my senses ignited, and time stretching over my back wrapping my stomach in warmth. My strength radiates, diamond pores reflecting light and absorbing, a sponge for space. There is a moment when I can feel every part, the beat of my heart weaves strands to limbs and speaks so sweetly. Divine and oh so human, combination lays flat on the ground, palms up and open. Letting live the emotion, the creeping sensations that wet my eyes and trickle to the floor. Overflowing core, melting into silent sleeps of the earth, loving every second of this.