May 5, 2015

I am vibrational energy. An extension of source that has taken this form and this is my choice. I am pure bliss in my natural state. Feeling joy when I am aligned fully. There is abundance all around me, surging through me and manifesting in all aspects of my life. I appreciate all my surroundings and see the beauty that exists everywhere I look. Reflections of light and love appear in all the faces, places that I see. I am matching my vibration with joy, with ease and freedom. There are no limits and I let positivity flow from me continuously. The universe responds with positivity and I am aware of perfection. I am capable of doing anything and everything that I desire and what I seek, I always find. There is more than I could ever want and enough for everyone. Happiness is what I truly feel, enjoyment of all the simple and astoundingly beautiful places I have the honor to visit. Every conversation keeps me in alignment and I find it so easy to speak my truth and be genuine. Words leave my mouth and say just what is required in that situation, all I am doing is being. There are endless possibilities and I see them for what they are. I tap into the abundance of energy that the universe is constantly give access to. I see what I want to see and it appears in perfect harmony, unison of events that provide more reasons for joy. I am free to go anywhere I want and explore the world as a way of being. My purpose has become my way of life and every day is creating and building bridges from my dreams into reality. I am meant to succeed and the universe provides me everything I need, always. I am an extension of source and I radiate health and well being. Everything I want is coming to be at every moment. I feel bliss with every new thought and experience constant reminders that the universe loves me and I am here to be in harmony with pure vibrational flow. I love. I appreciate.