May 25, 2015

I am tapping into my abundance of energy. This abundance is located at my base connected down into the earth. I feel the hyper sensitivity to this reality and how my thoughts are creating my feelings and thus my environment and overall reality. Anxiety and stress structures my view, my breath becomes limited, stuck in my chest, not moving with fluidity like it should. More visualization is needed, to picture the chakras as flowers up my spine turning at different speeds. I concentrate on closing each chakra and then allowing it to open fully, the pedals startling vibrant and turning at an equally steady pace. Seeing past illusion, using the tools I have acquired to cut through illusion, swords of wisdom that pierce through to the truth in every second that is now. I feel content, peace radiating from my heart and shining into the reality created around me. I am in alignment with my truth and carrying this truth with me throughout my day. Seeing the universe in every person I come into contact with. Greeting that source as home, as a place that I have always been and always will be and turning my frequency to my inner being. As a result, the hue of my surroundings changes, a tinted lense that allows new understanding and extensions of learning. Vitality, growth, change is embraced and I become excited about pleasant experiences and unpleasant situations since both add to my development. I am accepting my life and the situations that are presenting, at the same time realizing my actions have consequences and I am able to change any aspects that I don’t like. I have the creative ability to transform at any moment.