May 1, 2015

May starts. I am relieved that the sun is shining, that I can see light coming through the window when I wake up in the morning. Stepping out into the day, I can hear the earth and it warms my heart. It is a big thaw, from last weekend when suddenly the ground had been covered by snow, now it’s finally all clear. I am delighting in the connection from the bottom of my feet through the soil and into the core. Feeling life under my fingers as I push my hands into the living brimming. Something clicks; I am shifting my awareness to that extension of myself that is all around me. So precious. I am drinking in my surroundings and taking note of every detail. Building the foundation within myself that can be taken anywhere, survive anything. Nature is my guide and I am watching the unfolding of the perfection, each part and piece fitting so delicately and yet strong. Vibrations are lifting and new depths are explored, doors are opening and I have less and less resistance. I finally feel like the storm was worth it, that I have become softer, more open, swelling with love. The wound is where the light enters; the visualization behind this is so vibrant. I am seeing reflections like I have never seen before, sorrow has enhanced the colors and brought me the answers that I was seeking. I won’t stop searching, exploring, diving into the worlds and swimming through the experiences with awe. These pulses through my channels are signs, intuitive guides that have my best interests at heart, I am listening.