March 9, 2015

What an amazing weekend. I feel elated even thinking about the leaps and bounds I made in my goal setting in just a matter of days. First of all, Friday night was Delhi 2 Dublin. I had been excited all day just thinking about the energy of the show and how amazing it would be to just be present for it. I felt rejuvenated while I was at the show, taking in the vibrations and the pure happiness of the people around me.

On Saturday, I did art, gym, cleaned, took it easy and went for lunch with a friend. We talked about the dharma and spiritual adventures. Sharing creative ideas and I felt completely inspired on so many levels. It was wonderful to talk to someone about spirituality and about how to live in that truth during daily life. As I listened to someone else life experiences and how they were living the dharma, I felt the words lighting up in my heart. It planted seeds that brightened the rest of my weekend and are germinating today and the rest of this week J.

It was so nice to feel the bloom again, the enthusiasm of the moment. I was so absolutely aware of all the amazing people I have in my life and how I need to practice being much more grateful. The days stretched long and 2 days of rejuvenation of spirit, mind and body felt connected and complete. On Sunday, I went for coffee with another friend and was so inspired by her fitness plans. It sparked my interest and I made a similar commitment for myself. I am going to start with an online coach for the next 14 weeks and incorporate detailed nutrition and workout schedules. I don’t plan on competing but I want to challenge myself and see just what this body is capable of. It will require a lot of motivation but the online coach I am choosing to use, has so many tools to keep the focus.

My dreams have also been lit up with overcoming obstacles, vibrant colors, bliss, momentum and harmony. It feels like new beautiful growth in the direction I have been pushing myself for so long, it’s the next leg of the journey and I am so very ready.

Love and light!