March 6, 2015

Acceptance. For who I am in this moment. Exactly where I am and what I am doing. Shedding the shoulds and coulds for a clear view and comfort in how far I have come and where I will go. It’s alright though, to hug my shoulders and let go of the louder than loud push to grow fast. It is a process and I don’t want to miss the journey, the current enjoyment of being in my body and savoring each juicy thought. Delicious spirit in delicious body, endless being, not doing, just am. There is nothing wrong, everything is right and there is room for choice in every second. I am learning to love, first and foremost myself and then seeping it outwards. When a period of time passes when I am more judgmental than usual of myself, all the walls are broken down and I reside in the center, vulnerable. Vulnerable to the injury of my own mind, to the pushing and pulling, reckless havoc of wanting more to happen and to essentially become someone else.

This morning, as I sit at my desk, typing on my keys and enjoying a break from my job, I feel happy. A slice of contentment, without worry of where I will go this afternoon or if I will have time to do something creative. I am bringing the sweetness to exactly where I am. It all is happening and I am settling into my body for a change, taking pleasure in the vehicle and even as it is idling, I enjoy the view around me. I read this today –

“As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.” ~ Steve Maraboli

This is the quote of the year.

Read it. Read it again.

Let it sink in.

We are never rejected. There are no mistakes. No could haves. No should haves.

Everything that happens comes along because it simply needs to.

Fallbacks are crucial parts of the puzzle.

Not getting what we want can be a huge step towards reaching a bigger dream.

So relax. Release control. Let’s learn from our mistakes and see the bigger picture.

We’re not rejected. We’re redirected.

Redirected to something better and bigger.

Something marvelous.

Accepting rejection is part of embracing the uncertainty of life.

Uncertainty keeps us on our toes.

It keeps us alert and awake.

Not knowing is beautiful.

Appreciate it!

Why spend time worrying, judging, fighting, regretting?

All we have to do is believe.