March 11, 2015

I sent all my information to the online trainer I will be working with and included my “before” pictures this morning. I am very excited to start the program. Combination of food planning and work outs, Amy will provide me with all the details for 14 weeks, hopefully starting next Monday. The process is going to be very interesting to observe, the commitment to my goals, and hyper awareness of my food as I weigh it out. I have craved a structured fitness plan for a while now, just to help me to see what I am truly capable of. When I focus on my expectations that I have for this program, I think it comes down to the focus on taking care of my body, taking the time to care and make health a priority. This is part of a many pronged approach that I am going to try starting rolling out over the next 3 months.

The other is working on my book. The framework, skeletal body and then the filling. My extra time is going to go to this endeavor, without judging or picking it apart. It makes me so excited to think about. I turned a corner within myself and found a treasure trove that should be shared. The next months are going to be enriched, abundant and very enjoyable.