Pastry sheets of mind and body

I started this float off with a drink of Kava ~ experiencing tingles and numbness in my mouth before sinking into a beanie chair to relax before the cabin was ready for my float. It tasted like sweet tree, like earthy but smooth and satisfying. I had felt relatively relaxed when I arrived but the Kava gave me a softness to move deeper into that space. Soaking in the environment of the art on the walls, the people coming in and out of the room, the vibes and conversations of people sharing their float experiences.

I went into Cabin 4 and I felt comforted by the bouncing blue light on the walls and started to prepare myself for the float. Slipping into the tank, I noticed the warmth and slight resistance of water around my body, I shut the door and felt the air and water surround me. I perceived a shift in my mind about the activity of floating, it was easier to let go of the residual thoughts that had been chattering when showering and preparing to get into the cabin. Water changed to silk, then gel, then thick air. I had the sensation of dancing slowly though my body wasn’t moving. The separation of subtle layers, pastry sheets of mind of body peeling away until all I was physically aware of was a thin fuzzy layer of buzzing around my edges.

Colour flicked across, dark blue and then a light-yellow edge on the corners filling in to a brighter sun at the center. I was in the ocean, floating in the middle far from any land, looking up at the sky. There was no atmosphere, just raw edges of light and dark, stars moving close and then shooting away. I moved my head back and could move my body with my mind through the water. I could see light streaming through the surface of the water, into the depths and sounds began to come in random intervals. There were whales, shadows that gave me goose bumps, I could feel the flesh rise on my body still linked to the feeling of being in the tank but I chose to continue to allow my mind to travel and explore. A little fear at first but in recognizing it, hearing the echoes of whales, high pitched loops that wound around my body and I could see them gliding, from near to far across a landscape of underwater ocean. I was suspended, feeling weightlessness, not sure if I was up or down, body light as feather.

Eventually I felt like I was rising, sounds faded and I felt a vibration like a drum. No noise but pulses, nodes of a current pulling and pushing through me. I was out of the ocean, colours faded to a dark winding spiral and ridges that I could sense texture. I floated through without attention to speed or destination. I varied between feeling a vehicle of movement to being without, suddenly the spiral itself and dipping in and out of form. Time was quick this time, the beginning slow with awareness but I eventually lost the awareness of it and time stretched and then wrapped around to being aware of the light in the tank and then back in my body.

I did a grounding exercise immediately following my float while showering. Imagining roots shooting down through my feet, the water falling down my skin, bringing back all sensations. I am finding this grounding helps with experiencing the floaty feeling without being disoriented by coming out of such deep relaxation.