Manifestation Journal

I started this in the past week and it has been a step in the right direction. I can’t begin to explain how good it feels to write about everything. To feel the pen in my hand and let it stream out without a filter. The beginning was hard, so much pent up and waiting to be express, recognized but as the flow intensifies, the pages are illuminated. I know so  much about myself, I didn’t give credit, I didn’t take the time and it’s so perfect to unravel myself through ink. Everything around me disappears, work days have new purpose because there are many interruptions with the book to keep my grounded, focused, clear on my intentions. I have infinite possibilities, so abundant. The pages give to me something that I had forgotten about. A freedom that I have all the time but tend to forget, I can go where ever I want, right where I am. The places surface and give me an outlet for my creative mind. The color on the darkest of winter days and a mirror to reflect back where I am now.