Light in dark

Swirling pool of light lifts the cage of my chest and exhales beauty. There are layers leaving, pushing out my skin and transforming into emptiness. Time is settling, like sand on the bottom a lake. Every step shines brighter, the picture coming into view. The past fading until it is no longer mine to keep, replaced by the air permeating every cell. Alive and swelling waves of conscious finding new doors and opening each. Taking the time to dwell, to pick up the pieces and examine their elaborate construction. Divinity beaming from the thick circle of color around the iris, the external is falling away, and it’s harder to be separate. My body connects with the ground, deep cords winding down and around the dormant dawn of each forgotten buried thing. It is multidimensional, the forgetting and remembering simultaneously. Carrying a smile on all parts, now that there is truly an indestructible foundation.