: sanskrit for “wise man, sage, poet”

Introducing Kavi, he is 1.5 years old and spunky as hell. I love him to bits but he is bad.
I got Kavi at a time when I really wanted a dog and something to love unconditionally and to love me back unconditionally.
While Kavi no doubt does love me unconditionally, he has been a handful and every day there are new scenarios.
Kavi pees and poops where he wants to, sneakily.
He chews on cords, chips of wood, underwear, lip chap, any kind of plastic but especially things you don’t want him to destroy.
Kavi loves to lick, he won’t stop unless you stop him, he has endless amounts of saliva.
He is protective, even though his pint sized, he thinks he has balls.
Kavi was my decision to commit to something other than myself, he is my little love and even though it is mighty tough sometimes…
He lights up my life.


I am going to post some of the stories, the bits and pieces of Kavi life, there is a lot of material and I figure it’s worth sharing!

Enjoy 🙂

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