Kavi fears

The time that I spend with Kavi and all the animals is so precious. I feel clear energy from each of them. Kavi has an innocent little energy, like a small child that is easily frightened. He bounces back with impressive stamina and happiness even after being scolded for doing something bad. I worry about him sometimes like a mother would worry about her child. I coddled him a lot when he was a puppy and now there are consequences. He has a fearful nature and is easily frightened. I think this has to do with the breed as well, the more that I read about mini daschunds, the more I realize some of the habits may not be learned. Recently, he has become deathly afraid of the backyard. He runs to his kennel every time I try to put him outside. His little eyes get big and he high tails it to his kennel, until I go outside with him at which point, he throws himself at the door until he is let back inside. I can only imagine what may have caused this new reaction. He is sensitive and it could be all sorts of reasons. Someone yelling at him through the fence perhaps or getting bitten by a bug, maybe eating something unpleasant, who knows.

I just love this dog so much. Just seeing his face after a day at work is enough to melt me. I think of the past, the way I think about Clem and how I first got him and realize that I needed these animals in my life. They are purity. My companions and I live with 4 animals, that energy constantly surrounds me, their personalities so vibrant. I don’t have children but I feel the parental love, the concern and over protective reactions to things that they do. I count my blessings that I have these beings in my life and I get to experience new things with them every day. It will be interesting to see how Kavi’s terror of going outside progresses. I am hoping I can be patient enough and loving so that he feels safe and willing enough to face his little fears.