Karmic vs Transmissions

I need to start paying more attention to the symbols in my dreams. Amidst the karmic dreams there are a lot of messages being passed. Even the colors have significance. Lately I have had a lot of music or singing in the background. Strings of words repeating to a melody or a mantra. I have felt Tara a lot, the deity of compassion and the image of her face, or her hands in mudras changing form, smooth transitions flowing. I know that these are messages telling me to stick to my practice and find a way to incorporate what is most meaningful into my daily life. This will make a difference in the qualities I develop. I dream about Quan Yin a lot too, about her as a child, being in the forest surrounded by animals and she is giving so much love to each one. It doesn’t matter what they look like, if they are fearsome, small, beautiful, ugly, she sees them all and is completely open to their presence, friendly attending. I feel the energy in the dream and how pure the light is, the intentions are so positive. I also see her living in a nunnery and tending to the sick and dying, using suffering as a means to awaken, the horror of being unable to make the pain go away. She sings a lot, thats where some of the music comes from, songs about the true nature of reality. There is no situation that is too much, nothing that makes her break down in fear. That compassion is just riddled through every story line, her face relaxed and focused, peaceful and aware of the being she is with. I can feel it, all that suffering and how hard it is to face. Yet it can be faced and moved past, into a love that is so open and overflowingthat there is enough for the whole world. She cries a lot but not in despair, and I know I have woken up with tears on my face. It’s feeling it all and then bringing it back. My dream world is carrying on, allowing information to seep in. The qualities that I want to develop, it will be a long path. I experience ignorance, anger, despair, arrogance, jealousy, pride, laziness, attachment and I want to be aware, witnessing these in myself enough that I can notice when they appear and watch closely, slow it down enough before it gets carried away. I can’t repress, that doesn’t work. It’s the middle path, letting kindness coat each experience. A silk sheath of protection, a robe of compassion. My dreams are my leading edge, pacing through my karmic dreams and I am graced with the memory of them, the absorption into my coarse framework, the thinking mind.