June 22, 2015

I am hyper aware today of this moment and the subtleties of my environment like the chill in my fingertips and expansion of my chest when I breathe. It feels like I am completely home today, not roaming outside of my energy field, planted firmly in my bones and observing fully. The weekend was a wonderful mess of life, being outside, digging in the wet ground and feeling the grass under my feet. I spent it weaving jewelry, painting with gold, reading about Shiva and Shakti, burning white sage and ruminating on beautiful things. It took a while to let go of the week but when I did, the rope frayed and broke, letting the light in.

My bikes tires are full of air, it’s ready for adventures and I have been thinking a lot about where I want to take my turquoise beauty of a bike, coated in clay colours. Explorations around the city, to the places where there are more trees and plants, hidden paths that can make me feel like I am absorbed into my imagination. Imaginarium summer days, nights, fractures in time that takes me farther. I am thinking about the mossy places, and the little beaches that line the river’s body. It makes me feel like anything is possible and it is all right here. It’s all in my sanctuary of thoughts.

I have been tuning in to the multitude of waves, the sounds and vibrations that travel up my feet and wind around my heart. It doesn’t feel overwhelming but more like a caress, like warm hands cupping my spine. Witnessing the shape and then the form, layer by layer collapsing, folding into itself until I catch the invisible and can expand exponentially. Back and forth, from void and then into the surface tension of a drop of rain.