July 28, 2015

Been driven to work on more art lately. I have been working on cleaning skulls and preparing these canvases for some different ideas. I want to expand outward and move outside of my comfort zone. I was thinking of engraving skulls, using a dentist drill and carving out my mandalas into the bone. I feel like it would be a completely different process and I would be even more connected. Imprinting the bone with a story and really shaping it’s new history. I got an uknown skull from my parents when I saw them this past weekend and I felt completely different about this skull. I am not completely sure if it is a badger, skunk or maybe I am completely off the mark. I cleaned it in the crock pot and then whitened it in hydrogen peroxide. It came out perfect. Milky white and with a whole lot of personality.

Strange how each skull has such a feeling to it. An edge that I can’t completely define. I have felt more comfortable around some more than others. The cleaning process is disgusting but so rewarding. The skulls are inherently perfect, pure mass, complex and innately beautiful. The would be fine on their own, no art necessary and yet I want to honor them and transform what’s left.

These projects could completely consume me and I kind of want them to. Committing yourself to anything can potentially take over your life and allow such joy. I have the tools, the skull canvas, now I need to allow it all to flow. I feel so overjoyed at the privilege of working with these bones.