July 26, 2015

Feeling rejuvenated after attending the Connaught fair near the farm I grew up on. Big changes in the last week as I started a new role at work and feel like it aligns so much more with who I am and where I am going. My plans for this coming week are coming together. Integrating more activity, taking time for visualizations, grounding techniques, being able to breathe deeply. Creativity takes priority and more emphasis on delving into the projects that make me feel more connected with myself. Skulls, bones, mandalas, colour, writing, expanding on ideas, outside of comfort zone. Website additions, subtractions, decisions about how to present material.

Setting goals for art, writing, and personal aspects. Weighing the work aspect of my life compared to the personal motivations. How am I changing and evolving towards my ultimate goal? Asking questions that will prompt me to continue on with what makes me truly happy and is in my best interest in the long run.

Pay attention at work but keep that energy separate from my full capacity, learn to store energy for my passions after work is done. Accumulate energy at the gym after work and then use the banked energy for art projects and writing experiments. Finding out what a balanced day looks like. Full of the things that I need to do for work and then the fulfilling elements of being with people I love, expressing ideas, reflecting on what will bring more balance.