July 21, 2015

I feel deep roots. The ocean melted my heart and reminded me to let go. I was really wound up, a clenched fist of despair losing ground. I needed to feel the flow and I experienced that salt flavor on my tongue, the grinding source of sand under my feet. It was otherworldy, to be standing and looking out at that vast entity, knowing the depth but not completey understanding it in myself. I loved every moment of that elation, the lift of my spirit when I closed my eyes and breathed in, swelling my lungs with the breeze, licking the sweat from my lips. It was freeze frame, the moments stretched to oblivion and I savored most those seconds when I disappeared. Mesmorized by waves, absorbed in the sound filling everything up, my whole world closing in and then expanding out. Now I am carrying it with me, I remembered to take some with me, pulsing through my veins and pumping to the center of my space, my crux. It was so hard to say goodbye except the flow let me go, easy open palms released and allowed a little to stay without a need. I can feel a shift in my body, spirit, mind. Calm and collected, my intuition refreshed and louder, crisp construction of the present. My present to myself, to be alone with my inner world and finally hear all that wisdom. I am a goddess, we all have it. It’s no different, not special, just is.