January 6, 2015

This is how I am built. My construction of thoughts and memories. All providing the setting, the environment for forward motion. As I move along elements are mixing, integrating into a larger picture. There is more to work with, more to evaluate and find valuable for changing. Honing my mind, body and spirit to an habitable home. Somewhere that is conducive for the time I am here and will allow me reach my full potential. All points of exploration need to be focused around this. Moving forward, I need to find where my darkness lies, what is causing a delay and find my way around it. Shining light on all parts, bringing the past and my blocks into awareness and dissolving them. Only then will the tools that I am finding be truly useful. I feel so much more sustenance is coming from my thoughts, nurturing ways of being are becoming a second nature. This is so important for what is to come and how I am going to start testing myself with more information, allowing the flood gates to open to realizations, the truths that have always been there.