January 30, 2015

Pick up the pace. Is it possible to just be? I am focusing my energy on relaxing today. Goal planning is part of my focus. The next steps of growth and how I can realistically achieve what I am striving towards. The visualizations are becoming more vivid and I am planting seeds that will come to fruition. I let them be. There is nothing causing me worry, nothing that I could call negative. It is all perfect. This makes me smile and I will hold that inward smile all day. Appreciation for the frosty morning, for the hot coffee, for the seamless breath, for my health, welcoming faces of coworkers, sturdy steps forward. It is blissful. When I let go of the wants, the constant desire for this and that, I am just here. The background visualizations are happening but without distracting from this moment and the flow continues. It feels so good to rest in the body, and let the mind join it. So much time is spent in the process of changing, tweaking the situations, finding ways to direct my energy. As I let the energy pool at my feet, at the ends of my finger tips, I don’t feel lazy. It is renewing, shining brighter because I am letting the ball of my fist loosen, letting my hand open and release the tension.