January 28, 2015

Fan the flame. The days become longer and time is changing. My idea of time and how I have always understood it. I can fit more in, have more energy, contribute to my environment and build layer by layer. There are no limits, as I continually tell myself this, I begin to believe it. The parts of the day expand, making room in the centerfold. The mornings have their own heartbeat, fleshed out, I can add to this part. The yoga and meditation start momentum, only more speed from there. Healthy food, feeding the energetic spirit, admiring the tastes and looking forward to the action packed smoothie. I am following my breath through the drive to work, transforming the space in the office. Becoming more productive but portioning my mind, creative processes continue while my functionality improves. There is no stopping the progress. I keep my manifestation journal close, also a planner that slots in the time, deadlines for goals, creating concrete timelines. Making ideas a reality, bridging the gaps. Letting the words flow from my mind onto paper adds dimension. I am invigorated, allowing myself to refuel and listen closely to deeper needs, trying to think of myself as well as others. Not as concerned with the outcome, the journey is becoming more fun. Playing with the abilities, the framework needs adjusting so I work on dropping some of my commitments to this reality. The ways I have thought for as long as I can remember, resculpting my patterns. It takes time to restructure, to allow the flow, organic trusting. I am enjoying the simplest pleasures, taking in the sweet inhalation and exhalation. Remembering to let it go.